Simplicity and Speed.
Hamlets (previously known as IBM Servlet-based Content Creation Framework) is an open source system for generating dynamic web-pages developed by René Pawlitzek at IBM. A Hamlet is a servlet extension that reads XHTML template files containing presentation using SAX (the Simple API for XML) and dynamically adds content on the fly to those places in the template which are marked with special tags and IDs using a small set of callback functions. A template compiler can be used to accelerate Hamlets.

Hamlets provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, lightweight, small-footprint, servlet-based content creation framework that facilitates the development of Web-based applications. The Hamlets framework not only supports but also enforces the complete separation of content and presentation. It is the result of a radical software simplification effort.
Hamlets 1.6
Hamlets 1.7 NEW!
Programming Language
Java 5.0
Java 6.0
Lines of source code
Number of source files
Source code size
43'070 bytes
45'941 bytes
Binary code size
23'981 bytes (hamlet-1.6.jar)
25'509 bytes (hamlet-1.7.jar)
Learning time
20-30 minutes
20-30 minutes
Click here to see an example demonstrating the use of Hamlets. Click here to see how the same example can also be implemented with Hamlets v1.7.
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The Hamlets framework depends on log4j for logging and Xerces (which contains SAX) for XML parsing.
The following publications are currently available:

Starting Hamlets [ PDF ]
This article explains how to write your first web-based application in Java using Eclipse. 45 pages.

Introducing Hamlets [ PDF ]
This article introduces the basic ideas behind Hamlets and describes the very first implementation. 15 pages.

Programming Hamlets [ PDF ]
This tutorial illustrates various aspects of Hamlet programming as it provides a number of practical Hamlet examples. 103 pages.

Compiling Hamlets [ PDF ]
This article introduces a method of compiling Hamlet templates to improve application performance. 22 pages.

Implementing Hamlets [ PDF ]
This article explains the current implementation of the Hamlets framework. 20 pages.

Embedding Hamlets [ PDF ]
This article shows how to write web-based user interfaces for embedded devices running OSGi. 29 pages.

Reflecting on Hamlets [ PDF ]
This article demonstrates how Java reflection can be used to provide dynamic content for a template. 19 pages.

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